CLE Survey

IB Learner Profile

As an IB student, I would select the following profiles to be taken out: “Principled and “Balanced”. Being principled doesn’t necessarily apply to studying IB, and one doesn’t have to be in order to succeed as an IB student. While the profile of being balanced is only idealistically possible because no one is completely balanced, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

I would replace these two with “Competitive” and “Disciplined”. If an IB student had to be competitive, it would allow them to make the most out of their current skills, and push themselves to create the best possible results beyond their current limits. Self-Disciplined, because IB students need to be aware that only they are the ones who have the power to motivate themselves to achieve and work harder. It teaches them that they are the ones who will determine their future and nobody else.

TOK: The Math KI!

Knowledge Issue: We can use mathematics successfully to model real-world processes. Is this because we create mathematics to mirror the world or because the world is intrinsically mathematical?

Mathematics from my point of view was never qualitative, meaning that it could not wholesomely describe how a process is undertaken. However, it is true that the world is intrinsically mathematical in my point of view. Creating math to mirror the world is an incomplete claim, because our knowledge right now is limited and there are many problems yet to be answered.

Our current knowledge is limited in a sense that we constantly discover more mathematical problems and solutions in the world. It must mean then that the world is intrinsically mathematical because our discoveries in math are proven by the observing other processes. Before we discovered triangles, pies, the number lines, the world must have already had these values for in itself to function and for us to actually discover it. It must have already been present before us, because naturally, you wouldn’t be able to find something that was never there in the first place, let alone formulate something out of nothingness.
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SOP Blog #1

It was my first time last saturday to attend our saturday outreach program together with my fellow classmates. Before arriving at the venue, i thought that the whole place would most likely be a white rest house for the old people despite everything my classmates told me beforehand.

There i was, stepping out of the van of my friend, Dan and i saw the convent. We proceeded to enter the venue with little restraint. My classmate Alison gleamed with confidence and lead the way. As i walked through the corridor, i smelled the odor of alcohol and newly washed bedsheets and marveled at how clean the whole room was. I thought it would be dirtier. As i saw the elderly sleeping, eating and sitting on chairs, it gave me a certain anxiety and restlessness in imagining what they were thinking. Though how old and pale they looked like, they brought about an aura of acceptance of where they where, and the unfulfilled desire to explore the world. It felt as if they would be spending the rest of their lives in the convent. It was in a way, quite depressing, but as i participated in the chores, flipping beds and wiping them with alcohol mixed with water. I felt happy that if it were to be their final moments, that they would depart on a clean, modest and comfortable bed. What i like most about the elderly, is that when they smile, the years of gratitude and wisdom are manifested in that smile. Much condescending to the idea that someone who has lived longer, seen much more and experienced much more is passing on their thanks to you. When they say “Salamat” or “Thank You.” i feel heavy-hearted at how such simple words could so easily affect me.

I am not old, nor do i feel like the youngest person (though i am one of the youngest). I like old songs, classical music. Music doesn’t appeal to me in form of raps or dub steps, but more of the emotional factor. It is true that i liked Korean songs, but mainly because they are songs that speak to me even though i can’t understand them. Yes, as weird as it may sound, it just does. It never gets tiresome though how much i listen to classical music, with all the tempos and the chords, i just feel free. This helps me in understanding the certain value of silence that the elderly exhibit. I’m sure many people feel that silence is a bad thing, awkward pauses and stagnant conversations disrupt our confidence. Yet silence allows us to contemplate our thoughts, make important decisions and revel in the past experiences we created for ourselves. If ever they forego themselves into silence, then the only thing i can do is stay with them.

Aside from those moments of silence, we also helped in the upcoming christmas party that the nuns would provide for the kids in the convent, 600 chairs had to distributed, we didn’t reach that number. We only reached about 250+ chairs, instead we went to unpack all the juice packs and organize a work flow of unpacking and placing them into the cooler. It was a funny experience as we had to lift a 500 lbs cooler as i accidentally misplaced the cooler in the of the garage and had to lift it towards the stairs. It took about 6 guys to lift the whole thing, i hope i don’t commit the same mistake in the future.

We also hung some shirts on the 2nd floor so that we could dry them out. I wonder though if they have enough clothes to last through the week, I wish i could donate more if they needed. It was the least stressful job as we just had to hang the clothes and the bedsheets on the hangers. The only problem we encountered was not to let the clothes touch the floor and avoid them from becoming dirty.

I wish i could do more, if my schedule permitted it, maybe i could make 2 batches of puto the day before! Or maybe i could bring spare shirts that we no longer use anymore. Even if they barely speak, at least they can feel the love through the food we let them taste. I just hope that the next time that i visit this place, i can see the smiles and even the sad faces that realistically portray the world for those whose lives have lived throughout the century. 🙂

Elias at Salome: Sarali natin sa pagdedesisyon

Paano ko nakilala ang aking sariling ugali at personalidad batay sa pagdedesisyon?

Ang pagdedesisyon ay isang malaking bahagi sa ating kabuhayan bilang tao. Bawat araw, tayo’y pumipili base sa ating tingin ng isang problema, at minsan ang pinkamagandang alternatibo. Mahirap sabihin at tandaan ang pinakaimportanteng desisyon na ginawa ko sa aking buhay dahil lahat ng aking mga desisyon ay ang nagpatungay sa buhay ko ngayon. Mas gusto italakay ang mga natutunan natin kapag tayo’y nagdesisyon, dahil parati nating makikita ang ating tunay na katalinuhan sa mga mahirap na sitwasyon.

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CAS BLOG for August! (sorry late!)


My drawings for this month! 🙂 Click to enlarge… don’t freak out. HAHAHAHA

Dolomite Alps

As my life as an IB student starts, i’d really want to say how hard it is to maintain my grades with the activities that I’m involved in. Unlike most of my classmates in IB, i’m not the brightest person, the only way i get to understand things is by studying them rigorously, i wish i was like my other classmates who can understand anything right away. Nevertheless, i want to try my best to get the highest grade that i can acquire!

One of my main activities for this year is Variety Show Committee! As of now, this is my second year as a member of the VOYC and I’m really proud being a part of such an esteemed committee. It’s surprising since i was promoted to deputy of Logistics (formerly Operations Committee) though it isn’t really a big deal, I want try my best in fulfilling my duties. I’m going to make sure that everyone will be safe in this upcoming variety show since i’m currently tasked to manage the security. So far, progression in August has been slow, but it’s basically the same as last year. The hard part comes on the day of the variety show when we have assemble all the equipment that we need. I still remember how much my feet ached after that night, but i love it cause it’s part of the effort. I’d really like to point out that every year, VOYC has a special advocacy that it would like to address. Last year’s funds were used to benefit the scholarship fund of Xavier for those who do not have enough financial capability to pay the tuition.

Another club that i have joined this year is the PRODUCTION CREW. Stemming from what is represents, it’s role in Xavier is to provide all the decorations, props, costumes, etc for every major event. It usually deals with painting signs, making paper machetes, building structures and creating props. It helps with events in Xavier namely, Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Christmas, H1 XS-ICA interaction, and many more others. My subcommittee for the Production Crew is Human Resources Group A. Our main purpose is to act as a support team, we are capable of lending a hand to any subcommittee. However, our priority is building structures (i still remember last year’s large toy robot) which we will then hand over to creatives for them to color and paint. We have meetings every week or two, but our main working time comes from the major events that we have to decorate. For August we mainly fixed the boards and props for the pep rally that we hold in honor of our varsity teams.

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