What are the benefits of eating FATS?
Are FATS really bad for us?
Do you think that FATS should be included in our normal diet?
Is it possible to not eat FATS?

The benefits of eating FATS are that they allow us to main a subcutaneous skin that defends us from the weather and the temperature around us. They allow us to maintain body heat as well as become an emergency reserve for energy whenever we feel hungry or use up too much energy.

FATS are not bad for us. There are good fats and bad fats. Good fats consists of those found in fish oil and oils that allow us to maintain bodily functions. However, fats in excess give us high blood pressure, such fats include transfats and too much of saturated fats much that they can clog our arteries and hinder the flow of blood, or the build up of plaque.

Fats are already a part of normal diet because oils such as corn oil, olive oil, and palm oil are widely used in our daily cooking. Animal meat contains bits and pieces of fat whether we like it or not, and it also gives flavoring and satiates a craving for human beings since homosapiens came to know fats as necessary for survival in the cold weather.

It is impossible to not eat fats merely because every Food out there has it. Oils which are derived from vegetables, fishes and fruits, which means that eating them will essentially give you the unprocessed oils they have. Fats are therefore not only a vital food component necessary for the survival of humans.

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