Make a blog in you PLW, answering the following questions:

Why do they think that those foods are weird? 

What is food?

What is considered as a normal food and what is not?

What would be your 5 weirdest food?


The main reason they think the food is weird is because it is not something that they usually eat at their local restaurant. Most of the delicacies featured here always have a cultural aspect or a history attached to it, that though it is indeed disgusting, has allowed people to appreciate the unique taste it has.


Food is the best thing on earth. Without it, there can be no life, and the food chain wouldn’t exist. Life without food is meaningless.


For me, normal food ranges from the usual Filipino/American/Chinese foods that are widely consummated. Anything that looks really good and tastes good!


Fish skin crackers, Sharksfins soup, fish lip, rabbit, escargot

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