CAS BLOG for August! (sorry late!)


My drawings for this month! 🙂 Click to enlarge… don’t freak out. HAHAHAHA

Dolomite Alps

As my life as an IB student starts, i’d really want to say how hard it is to maintain my grades with the activities that I’m involved in. Unlike most of my classmates in IB, i’m not the brightest person, the only way i get to understand things is by studying them rigorously, i wish i was like my other classmates who can understand anything right away. Nevertheless, i want to try my best to get the highest grade that i can acquire!

One of my main activities for this year is Variety Show Committee! As of now, this is my second year as a member of the VOYC and I’m really proud being a part of such an esteemed committee. It’s surprising since i was promoted to deputy of Logistics (formerly Operations Committee) though it isn’t really a big deal, I want try my best in fulfilling my duties. I’m going to make sure that everyone will be safe in this upcoming variety show since i’m currently tasked to manage the security. So far, progression in August has been slow, but it’s basically the same as last year. The hard part comes on the day of the variety show when we have assemble all the equipment that we need. I still remember how much my feet ached after that night, but i love it cause it’s part of the effort. I’d really like to point out that every year, VOYC has a special advocacy that it would like to address. Last year’s funds were used to benefit the scholarship fund of Xavier for those who do not have enough financial capability to pay the tuition.

Another club that i have joined this year is the PRODUCTION CREW. Stemming from what is represents, it’s role in Xavier is to provide all the decorations, props, costumes, etc for every major event. It usually deals with painting signs, making paper machetes, building structures and creating props. It helps with events in Xavier namely, Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Christmas, H1 XS-ICA interaction, and many more others. My subcommittee for the Production Crew is Human Resources Group A. Our main purpose is to act as a support team, we are capable of lending a hand to any subcommittee. However, our priority is building structures (i still remember last year’s large toy robot) which we will then hand over to creatives for them to color and paint. We have meetings every week or two, but our main working time comes from the major events that we have to decorate. For August we mainly fixed the boards and props for the pep rally that we hold in honor of our varsity teams.

Whilst this next one is a temporary activity, it holds great value for every one of us who will participate in this competition whether we win or lose. Teenpreneur is a competition in which 10 select students from each major educational institutions around Manila will have to improve a product of a local entrepreneur. The purpose for this project is mainly to provide long-term solutions and improvements to a product. It does not constitute that even if we win, our product will be a huge success but rather, we have to give it our whole effort. The local entrepreneur we were assigned to is Nanay Amelita, who makes puto on a daily basis. As of August, we have already gone to her house and have already thought of many ideas that we can add to improve the diversity and taste of the puto. So far, we’ve been tossing around numerous ideas with optimism in the hope that this endeavour will be a huge success. It started around mid-August and this competition will last until November.

Aside from all my official activities, i work in the finance committee in the H2H3 committee, but my teacher said that this doesn’t really pass as CAS D:. One of my most favorite hobbies is DRAWING! I don’t really know how to say it but i’ve been drawing ever since i was a kid, but sometimes the drawings that i do are mostly landscapes. The drawings that i make aren’t really original, since it’s a hobby, i like to copy it by having a white paper in front of me, my good ‘ol mechanical pencil and the picture on my mac screen. Lately, i haven’t had much time to make my drawings but each one i shows how much effort i have invested it. In the month of August, i’ve drawn the Dolomite Alps, which i mistakenly thought was the Swiss Alps… oh Google… and aside from that, i like to draw anime! HAHAHAHA it’s kinda unconventional but i like it that way. Personally, i would have taken Visual Arts HL, but i didn’t really see the use of it in real life applications… I was wrong. I should have taken itttttt! Anyway i hope that these drawings create a vortex of inspiration, or at least cuteness. 🙂

Physical Activities! This year, i’m supposed to be in the baseball varsity, but then the team got disbanded because of the poor performance our team garnered last year. Either way, i’ve been trying my best to give my best effort to the Physical Education in our school. This first semester, i’m enrolled in baseball! Whoopie! I really missed playing this sport ever since if found out that it was disbanded and i’m really enjoying myself! Aside from that, i’m participating in the ping pong intramurals in our school and guess what? We won 1st place! 🙂 Sadly, the whole truth is now i realize that ping pong is a nerd’s game. The finals were between my section, B against the opposing section, H which was also an IB section. I was laughing really hard when i found about this, nevertheless i was proud to be able to bring the championship to my class!

Another Drawing… 🙂

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