TOK TIME: 3 Steps to Unlock the Power of Bad Feelings

Bad is Good

This article which talks about the 3 steps to unlock

the power of bad feelings pose sensible arguments for the purpose of anger in our lives. The notion that it was born out of necessity so that we may activate our instincts to survive and argue we must not object or neglect this kind of “natural mechanism”.

It is true in fact, that just because anger is associated with physical violence or verbal abuse, that society tends to condemn it without first studying the possible causes and effects they have on people, good nor bad. Since the society and many others condemn it, there are more people who suppress their anger and therefore, are not able to discover the true benefit of being angry as the status-quo dictates.

Much like what we want to achieve these days, “finding the way to happiness”, “Life is good”, or “Look on the bright side” often tell us to neglect our anger and just be ignorant of the hidden reasons why we experience such things in our lives and in our emotions. This article suggests that it is GOOD to be ANGRY. It is only the way that we manifest it which is the tricky part.

This sort of manifestation must be developed much more internally than externally. It shows us how consulting ourselves will help us feel what we truly feel like the most. (sounds really logical) From a point of view, the bad acts that we do when we get angry, is that we want to let others feel our anger and pain, but the part we inflict more often is simply pain. More so often, this pain we inflict on others is not directly related to what we truly feel.

The discovery that we find through our anger states that we must in a way, embrace anger and be a part of it. Let anger be a part of you, but do not let yourself be part of anger. We must, in our most logical senses stay dominant and not let anger be dominant or even suppressed so we can learn. It is because it is there, that we have to learn to accept it for what it is, and use it for our advantage.

Whenever i am angry, and I’m sure that everyone feels the same. It is that we feel that we are always right, the frustration and the intense pain or anger we emit make us feel like the people know our struggle. We always feel that they do, and thus we always think that they will not react violently cause they understand what we feel.

This article speaks much sense with what we do and I believe that it is in fact, consistent to our daily emotions in life. Despite how radical this new idea of letting anger be a part of ourselves, it is our duty as humans accept this change of our mindset towards anger. Overall, that was the main point of the article in my understanding, learn to change your perspective on anger first before trying to change your life through the use of anger.

Knowledge Issues

  1. How far can we let our anger flow freely within ourselves and still understand the true reason behind our anger?
  2. How far does anger affect our survivability?
  3. How can we not let ourselves be taken over by our anger?

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