Dihydrogen Monoxide

At first glance, DHMO can be seen as a very volatile and unknown substance which is concurrently surrounding us everywhere.


Dihydrogen monoxide seems to very abundant, and yes I believe that all these effects are very possible according to the facts in this website.

DHMO is very abundant therefore knowing the effects of DHMO on people need not any extensive research. Facts such as the “accidental inhalation of DHMO” can simply be replaced by drowning, “DHMO is a major component of acid rain” because it is in fact what comprises of rain. What made me laugh is the statement “Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant though not typically life-threatening side-effects.” because it has happened numerous times to me especially when I eat hot sauce. D:

What really surprises me is how the wording of these facts can easily mislead people to misinterpret what DHMO is. People can be convinced that although DHMO has been around for more than we know, the dangers of DHMO has always been hidden away because there is no incentive for politicians to promote a ban on DHMO. The fact that DHMO is widely used around industries gives people who read this website, a feeling of uneasiness due to the presented effects it can pose on the human body.

It mainly focuses on using the extremes to DHMO. Too much is too bad comes into this context simply because the symptoms and all the negative effects are a result of overdose or under dosage. Such extreme cases such as the “link between Dihydrogen Monoxide and school violence” actually make no sense and the reason why because school administrators couldn’t explain much is because there is no connection. Most of them are true, just too gory or exaggerated to the extent of paranoia of what DHMO can do to you.

In the end I found it all too funny when I realized that it was in itself, H2O using chemical naming to make people confused. This is proven by the fact that when you try to make a lewis dot structure to Dihydrogen monoxide, it is well in fact the same structure as H2O.

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