The Three Clips of TOK

The Tale of Two Brains

Much like at the start of the film, I was still expecting something to pop out and scare the hell out of us. It took only a while to forget the expectation of getting scared. At first, I was wondering “Why are these people laughing?” because I didn’t find the topic too funny. After a few more moments, I was finally able to catch the drift and would chuckle in agreement with the video. I found myself to be a little light-headed as I tried to imitate the NOTHING BOX in my mind. Sadly, it was unsuccessful… 😐 does that make me not a guy? @_@ I hope not. At the end of the film, I felt kind of plain and not really too disturbed.

Painting by Glue

You stare… at the black canvass. Thinking what the person is trying to do, anxious to know and understand the complexity of the painter’s work. I noticed then that there was an image of the Eiffel Tower in the background, and somehow I was able to deduce that the show was taking place in Paris despite the middle eastern rave theme being played. It took me a while to actually understand whether he was using black ink or glue, and somehow I was weirdly contemplating “Why does the painter have to dance with his hips?” thinking whether it was just for show or that was really part of his drawing style. The finishing touch of either white chalk, glitter or whatever that was, gave me a pop above my head. OHHHHHH… it was like thatttttt… It only took a few seconds to return myself back to the boring state whence I came from.

Sophie’s Choice

Before the real content started to flow in, the title gave me the idea of funny memories because I remembered what Ross in FRIENDS said… “Sex or Dinosaurs?” “OH MY GOD, IT’s LIKE SOPHIE’s CHOICE!”. However, I had no real initial knowledge of the film because I never tried looking or watching the movie. The movie started with German language and the setting of a train station, obviously this is a setting of the second World War and it had involved the killing of Jews by Germans, most likely after the annexation of Poland. I was anxious at the sight of this scene. My past knowledge of movies like “The Pianist”, “Schindler’s List”or “Life is Beautiful” garnered my expectations of German cruelty to Jews, keeping my feet locked across my legs. As I saw Meryl Streep with a young girl and boy, my imagination started to fly. Whilst the German officer was intimidating her after she blurted out that she was of pure race, i unconsciously started to breath on my watch and bite the rings around it. My diaphragm started to tighten leading me to a straightened position and my mouth was constantly opened throughout the story. I felt disbelief and yet felt no surprise at all at how horrendous the German officer’s requests were to her. When the little girl was taken away, it baffled me why she gave up the little girl instead.

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