The Reasons (reallyyyy long post)

What is Reason to me? 

Through everything I have experienced in TOK so far. I guess the best way to learn TOK is to learn through questions, and I suppose throughout the articles shown to us through the recent meetings, it always concerns itself with why.

Through reason we are able to set up an understanding pertaining to something we find significant. In this case, we need reason because we always want to learn what is behind something. Reasoning allows us to see both sides of the coin, the logic behind many things so that we can understand and even formulate ideas towards a given subject.

To be a reasonable person is to accept the best ways or alternatives with concern to a specific topic. We always make sure to find the best solution to our problem. Without having the usual biases we have to look at things objectively and to do that we have to consider all the sides and factors with which affect and will affect the given situation.

Take for example, why did the current IB choose to be IB in the first place? There could be so many reasons why people chose to be IB. Personally, one reason for me to choose IB was that I wanted to study abroad, but another was that I wanted to be challenged. Challenged cause I wanted to take something worthwhile and to the point that I knew that I would have to spend long nights doing my assignments and hindering my social life.

Yet in what way can this be viewed? Now we can see that this reason is neither good or bad. This reason of facing challenges showed that I wanted to suffer for something that I wanted and basically the limitation there was that: Is it reasonable to conclude that I should continue to study even though it would be detrimental to my physiology? Or would that mean that I am a masochistic person? One thing we cannot realize through reason is that there is no such universal perception of any reason.

We as humans are unique and therefore there is no 100% chance that any of us have the same thinking. Using the same statement of wanting to continue IB shows that each person has different reasons, and now in this context reasons become opinions. I would want to study not matter what and my mother would want me to sleep more whilst my father wants me to study hard. I think that the overall thing that one person cannot know through reason is that reason does not mean that it is right. Reason alone for me, means that “Reasons are not always reasonable.” because of the differing views or perceptions on a reason.

The article that I found really interesting was an article about Using National Parks as Climate Change Education Grounds

which shows National Parks, like Yosemite as a possible avenue for people to learn more about the environment. Deduction is used here through the means of describing the overall effects of climate change around the world by showing pictures to the audience to justify the magnitude of this issue. As it delves into the validity of using National Parks as education grounds, it talks about how climate change globally affects the world and how much in Yosemite has changed as a result. In induction, another issue it wants to address is because many people still believe that Climate change is just a hoax and this delves into the purpose of having National Parks like Yosemite, have a program that educates the tourists that visit. It shows us how many people and not only in Yosemite National Park do people need to know much more about climate change. My reason for choosing this article is because I had also been to Yosemite and it projects to me an image of how much it looks like after several years of not being able to see it. This article gave me an insight on how programs can be enhanced especially since the people who visit National Parks have an inert interest and therefore would have a more effective learning based on their liking.

Questions with regard to this article:

  1. How much will this program change the views of the tourists who visit these National Parks?
  2. To what extent do Americans incorporate in their actions what they have learned in these educational grounds?
  3. How intense will National Parks go into educating the people towards climate change?

The Science Behind Dreaming

which discusses the purpose of why we dream, the theories and the causes which cause us to dream. We can see deduction through the articles justification in the purpose of dreaming. Where it starts of by giving reasons why people dream and then the theories which help prove that dreaming does have a purpose. In induction, for example the theory of “Threat Simulation Theory” wherein the dreamer has dreams of threats that would heighten the efficiency of its threat perception. Giving way to other possible reasons why this is relevant to dreaming and its purpose. This article greatly interested me because not only do my dreams look peculiar but they also have great effect on me if I remember them. However I would rather keep my dreams confidential cause they may sound absurd and sometimes creepy. That aside, I’ve learnt at least that dreams are mainly there to give you an idea and even though it is not reasonable, it gives us an overview of what we can achieve without limits to our creativity due to its out of this world contexts, based on my opinion.

  1. How can dreams capture the aspects of reality in our world and twist them beyond our imagination?
  2. In the future, how can dreams be used as an avenue to overcome certain issues that are hard to solve in reality?
  3. Why can’t we understand our dreams which results to having interpret them into something we know?

Tibet Was a Cradle of Evolution for Pre-Ice Age Mammals

This article singularly talks about the Rhino which lives in Tibet. The Rhino that was discovered had a paddle on top of its mouth which attributed to its survival in the Pre-Ice Age having to use the paddle to remove snow from snowy vegetation.

  1. How can this discovery shape our understanding of how evolution takes place?
  2. How would this discovery reveal the progression in the animals located in Tibet?
  3. How was the evolution of the rhino’s paddle-like feature triggered?

I find the need to be rational because it is the thing which keeps us sane. By being rational, do people like me able to process and adequately present my thoughts and having evidences to provide as a foundation for my claims and beliefs. Or else, I would look irrational and therefore incompetent in the eyes of others. And yes by saying that, I subject myself to the views of others and I do not find any reason wrong with that even though it sounds narcissistic but it is reality.

One thing i struggle to understand in my life as a student is not the stereotypical faith problem, but more appallingly, why do people have to hate?

As I go across my life as a teenager who has recently been introduced to Korean music. I find happiness in listening to the songs and music videos which i believe make me much happier, giving me healthy positive thoughts. So why do people have to hate when it garners negative energy and infuriates people? Hate gives people stress instead of relief, so wouldn’t it be more practical to invest in something that gives positive influences to others and to yourself? As i browse through blogs that call Korean Music Bands “well-trained mannequins”, i try to find the reason why they are called such names. One reason is that these people find hatred from their ancestral roots, racism, etc. and there is nothing that i can do about that. I can only try my best to understand what the benefit of hating is.

I find it unjustified to hate something because of the past, if the future can give people so much better, yet again reasons are reasons and people are entitled to have their own reasons and opinions.

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