The Electronic Configuration of Gallium

Sir Gallium’s Crazy Car Sale

There was once a car shop called Sir Gallium’s crazy car sales and he wanted to sell all kinds of cars. These cars were in order from 1 to 4! S-types (sports section), P-types (sedan section), D-types (mini-van section), F-types (RV section) but F-types weren’t being sold by Sir Gallium.  Inside Sir Gallium’s carshop there were a total of 31 cars (orbitals)
for all the cars, the number inside the car which varies from each type to the other.The government stated that per floor, one can only sell:
2 Cars of S-type (sports cars)
6 Cars of P-type (sedan cars)
10 Cars of D-type (mini-van cars)
14 F-type of Cars (RVs) but Sir Gallium chose not to sell F-type cars because they were too massive to acommodate (and they weren’t cool).



1 stands for the floor order, S stands for the car class and 2 stands for the number of cars available

Since Sir Gallium has a maximum number of spaces each varying for each floor, he had to manage his crazy sale, Sir Gallium set some rules for his sale, which were the following:

Afbau Principle
In Sir Gallium’s system, each floor (level) is arranged by filling up each floor, from the lowest floor (lowest energy orbital) to the highest floor (higher energy orbitals). Once the floor is filled up, naturally, the next floor, the higher one would need to be filled up and so on and so forth.

below is a sample of the Afbau principle:

Pauli Exclusion Principle
There are limited number of cars that can be sold per type. In floor 1, there are 2 carparks. It can range up until 4 floors of cars but Sir Gallium decided to only sell 3 types of cars worth.

car parks x 2 (max number of cars per car park) = number of cars per floor

Hund’s Rule

For example, Sir Gallium’s competitors:

Each of their P-class cars can only have 6 cars

Sir Boron’s P-types (the only viewable floor from his car sale… for now) has only 1 car left on 1 car park!

And his competitor Sir Carbon has 2 cars left. 1 on the first and 1 on the second Sir Gallium clearly needs to step up.

and so on a so forth… Sir Gallium was not making enough money compared to his competitors. Probably cause he wasn’t cool, like them, and cause he couldn’t sell RVs.

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