My T.O.K. Thursdayyyyyyyy.

So here I write my blog as soon as possible well cause I should do it while my memory is still fresh.
Today’s topic was quite funny in most ways because of the alluring questions and answers we made to address in identifying if something was knowledge or belief. I was coupled with Shawn, John Ong, Chino, Patrick and Benedict. There were questions which were touched upon science, psychology, ethics, math HAHAHA you get the point. Now back to the serious topic.

We had two visitors today, one of them could speak Filipino fluently and was a linguist whilst the other one could understand Chinese proficiently (something I found as a major weakness) and presented us with ideas pertaining to context of the word “Knowledge”.

Knowledge in Filipino has one meaning, but said in four different ways coming from Tagalog, Bicolano, Ilocano and Visayan. They all meant the same word but with different pronunciations. In a way, these dialects gave a kind of uniformity in the language of the Filipino people, that even though we say it differently doesn’t mean it is always different. Though how funny it might sound the way they are each pronounced in a different manner, there is no denying the truth that it was understood that no matter how far these four dialects are from each other, it doesn’t stop them from converging into one.

On the other hand, Chinese *phewwww~, the truth behind Chinese words were all, in my opinion “INTENSE”. They all had a story behind each stroke, kind of like a minified blog in each one of them, and when all squished up together form a word that would make so much sense yet, still make you wonder how they were able to come up with it. Such as many Chinese words, there are many words “shengci” that practically mean one word in English although each of them has its own perspective or level. Honestly, I was astonished how adding small strokes meant it meant being spoken orally or being written down. I have no idea why I don’t remember this lesson but my peers do, but let’s just say that in a way it’s good cause it’s better to relearn everything with a fresher mind rather than butting in and getting confused. I believe though that it must have been formulated that way because each stroke has its own story. How the lengthy 5,000 year culture of the Chinese may have developed their language through stories, maybe that’s why people find it harder to learn Chinese rather than English (like me! D: )

The discussion was one of a kind, but for me it would just be like going back to the past two years ago. It was back then when i was part of the debate team, it was relieving to know that just like the Xavier Debate Team, where talking about sensitive topics with ease and comfortable was just deemed being naturally curious. The fact that TOK delves into the boundaries of knowledge, questioning anything unorthodox gives me a feeling of freedom once again. It became really hilarious when we got to the part when I had to talk about pedophilia. In all honesty i was just putting it at a normal perspective if a person came to a “modern ethical” society, what would his stand point be in which he wouldn’t take any sides at all. The choice between which topic would be belief or knowledge made us deeply think in which choice is viewed in more or so what way. The Discussion we had in the group was very lively and each of one us presented reasons why we chose knowledge or belief. We used facts and evidences to determine which category each topic belonged to. In the end, having the first serious discussion in TOK has given me an insight on how our classes will proceed, it makes me excited!

I hope that the next TOK will be much more fun, more topics to cover and how viewing ideas in a different perspective will affect our current mindset is what i have for my next agenda. 🙂

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