Theory of Knowledge

1. How do you find TOK course and what it has to offer? How do you feel about it?

I found the TOK class we had today very interesting because it posed new insights for me to think about considering the possibility that our minds can be programmed or taught to think in a way that it is has a possibility to be predicted or to be manipulated. At first I would think that this all sounded like propaganda, like brainwashing or anything devious with that same similarity but it soon made me realize that if there are such things that exist, it can be used to enhance our minds so that we can be more critical and analytical and possibly think differently from normal. I feel that it pushes me to think as much as i can, to think unconventionally to the point that I may be on a whole new view. It makes me feel like I’m trying to do something new and exciting different from the usual way we study.

2. What questions of knowledge are you just itching to ask or hope to understand and ponder about.

It really intrigues me about the first time the idea of being able to program minds using numbers were conceived and for what purpose besides from advertising were they used?

3. In our world today, how have you seen knowledge being constructed, how we are constructors of knowledge.

In our world today, there are always new and fantastic things to discover and as we discover those things that keep building the life that we live. There are always ways in which alternatives can be applied and ways to enhance the function of that same idea. I believe that it is because everyday there are always people who learn all kinds of things and develop new developments where another method can be applied to the same thing. Proudly we can all say that we are constructors of our knowledge because of our innate capability to analyze information. Everyone is different in their ways of thinking and mostly what is different is new! Therefore we are constructors of knowledge who are able to distinguish and create contemporary ways to look at things. Just as we speak, ever since we had our classes in Chinese, Business and Managements, TOK, etc. we are already able to use that information to create different situations in which they can be applied.

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